My story

YouTube. A place filled with content and content creators. And in the middle of it, a lone little wolf.

Man, that sounded more poetic than i thought it would!

Anyway, first of all, the elephant in the room: Why did i even start?

I mean, YouTube is flooded with little channels, even more so in the gaming department.

To be serious... I don't know. It all started like perhaps every other channel out there. I sat down with friends playing video games and one of them said: "Hey, you know what? Your reactions are pretty funny."

Sign in, find a funny username, great, now what?


And as soon as the first video was out, there were the obvious comments from friends and family. "Why would you do it?" "Who would watch it?" "It's pointless."

But guess what? It's fun!

I never had such a great time as i had interacting with other YouTubers.


All i know is that i have fun doing YouTube, so i will continue doing so. But this experience is best when it is shared. So please make sure you step by the channel to claim your piece of the cake!